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Sustainability policy
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The Itaipu Sustainability Policy was bi-nationally approved in November 2014 providing that:

1. Purpose

To establish sustainability principles and values which must be taken into account when carrying out daily activities that are inherent to the Company and actions that are meant to foster sustainable development both in Paraguay and Brazil for the common good and a better future.

2. Scope of Application

This policy must be applied and spread before the Itaipu Binacional functional body and considered by all its institutional relations.

3. Premise

This policy is aligned both with the Itaipu Binational's Strategic Plan and the Government Policies existing in both countries and it will pursue to converge with the global standards applicable to the issue.

4. Principles and values

The sustainability principles and values to be considered by the Company are classified into four dimensions guiding the Company’s Operational Plan programs performance in a balanced way.

Corporate Dimension

To consider the following principles in all activities:

Managing people, resources and business processes in a rational, balanced and efficient way;

Relating to each other in an ethical, transparent and fair way by respecting the differences;

Managing and viewing actions as comprehensive, collaborative and integrated;

Committing to continuous improvement and innovation;

Managing business risks in an integrated way;

Sustainable purchasing and local supplier developing.

Environment Dimension

To consider the following principles in all activities:

Using, encouraging the use and generating energy from clean and renewable sources;

Working in partnership with social actors in favor of sustainability;

Conserving and preserving the environment and respecting biodiversity.

Socioeconomic Development Dimension

To consider the following principles in all activities:

Actively acting in sustainable human development;

Fostering the sustainable development of the territory.

Cultural Dimension

To consider the following principles in all activities:

Effectively managing skills and experiences belonging to the structure of Itaipu Binacional and its Foundations;

Fostering and reinforcing sustainability culture as an example for the world;

Valuing sustainable actions.

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