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Biological Sanctuary
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What is it?
An environmental conservation unit created in the 70s to house thousand of animals “dislodged” by the power plant, and where Itaipu researches the production of tree seedlings, wild animal captive reproduction, and the rehabilitation of degraded areas.

What is there to do?
Follow trails amidst the woods to see up close animals native to the reservoir area like jaguars and capuchin monkeys in their enclosures. Animal-watching takes place along the Animal Trail. On the Guaimbê Trail, the attraction are forest species like the guaimbê vine that grows embracing nearly 300 year-old Angico Gurucaia trees, 26 meters high and 3.5 meters around. The Trails of the Senses (elements of nature that stimulate the senses of smell, touch, hearing, taste and sight), of Sustainability Experiments (presentation of economically-viable and ecologically-correct construction and energy systems) and of the Waters (showing how important it is to conserve water springs and sources) promote visitors' environmental education. The walks may last up to two hours, so proper clothing and footwear are recommended.

When and how much?
For our schedule and prices, please check our website

All tours start at the Itaipu Visitor's Reception Center, at Avenida Tancredo Neves, 6702.

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