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The Dam
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What is it?
A concrete structure built to contain the flow of the Paraná River and create the power plant's reservoir. It is the point where electricity generating units are installed.

What is there to do?
Visit the inner side of the power plant. The panoramic view from the central belvedere is fascinating. However, Itaipu's gigantic size is even more perceptible as one walks along the dam. Walking on the top of the huge concrete wall offers a privileged view of the reservoir. Inside, the main features are the architecture, whose hollow shape is reminiscent of a cathedral, and the former bed of the Paraná River. At the Production Building, visitors have the opportunity to see the central command room, which controls the operation of turbines and generators, and the enormous gallery from where the covers of the generating units can be seen. The tour around the dam also enables visitors to see the outflow channel through which the water that moved the turbines goes back to the Paraná River, following its natural course.

Useful information:
The panoramic view from the Central Belvedere is part of the Tourist Excursion. To visit the inner side of the power plant, people need to go on the Special Tour Circuit, which also includes a stop at the Central Belvedere. Inside the dam, visitors are not allowed to wear flip-flops, sandals and shorts during the visit. Access to Itaipu's inner facilities is granted only to visitors above 14 years-old.