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Sig@ Livre
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An application developed through free technologies helping Itaipu monitor watershed environment. Sig@ Livre, information technology working to preserve and protect the environment.

About Sig@ Livre:

Sig@ Livre Itaipu is an application initially developed (version 1.0) through an agreement between Fundação Parque Tecnológico Itaipu (FPTI) and Itaipu Binacional's Executive Coordination Board. It is currently in version 2.2 and is developed and supported by the Company's IT Oversight Department and its Construction and Development Oversight Department.

This application is a tool that manages geographic information provided by Environmental Adjustment Projects carried out on farms surrounding the watersheds on the Paraná Basin 3 – BP3.
Sig@ Livre Itaipu is developed in a web environment and allows for real-time data insertion, updating and view. It makes use of free tools and libraries such as Mapserver, PostgreSQL, GEOS/GDAL, and Proj4, among others.

About Environmental Adjustment Projects:

The purpose of these projects is to eliminate the existing environmental liabilities by adjusting farms to the current environmental laws.

The stages of Farm Environmental Adjustment Projects comprise the diagnostic work and the environmental adjustment proposal written by Itaipu, IES and companies incubated at the FPTI.
Compliance with legal provisions combined to the adoption of good techniques to plan the use and management of land helps preserve and protect the environment on the BP3.

How Sig@ Livre is used:

Sig@ Livre enables the integration of alphanumeric data and spatial features surveyed on the farm. It makes it possible to draw and view maps, graphs and management reports aimed at Environmental and Territorial Management on the BP3.

Besides Environmental Adjustment Projects, another important product provided is the previously-filled out form of the Legal Forest Reserve and Permanent Conservation Areas Protection, Rehabilitation and Maintenance System – SISLEG, which allows farms to obtain their environmental licenses.

Access to the Application Source Code:

The technology employed and the source code generated are available for other institutions to use/replicate them through cooperation and technology sharing agreements signed with Itaipu.

Access to the Application Data Bank:

Access to data registered to the application is restricted to protect the confidentiality, integrity and inviolability of the existing information, which farmers have entrusted to Itaipu Binacional.

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