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Museum of the Guarani Land
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The Museum of the Guarani Land is an important Itaipu environmental education tool on the Paraguayan side. It holds several activities aimed at teachers and students from schools located in the power plant's area of influence. Over 90 thousand people visit the Museum of the Guarani Land every year.

The museum displays and protects the culture of the Guarani people, as well as a comprehensive and representative biological and physical collection from the area where the power plant was built.

It opened to the public in 1979, and exhibits samples collected by Itaipu exclusively in the power plant's surroundings. Collections are displayed with support from computer and multimedia resources.

Another strategy employed by the museum to promote the area's natural and cultural heritage comprises traveling exhibits set up all across Paraguay. The Museum of the Guarani Land is located in the city of Hernandarias, 10 km from Ciudad del Este.

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