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The Carapa Ypoti sub-program is part of the Itaipu Binacional Strategic Plan. Its activities are developed via the Cultivating Agua Porá program, a model initiative for the management of drainage basins that comprise the entire Paraná River Basin III.

The name Carapa Ypoti comes from "clean water" in the Guarani language and expresses the program's main goal. To that end, it seeks to rehabilitate the quality of water resources on the entire Carapa River basin, whether they are surface or underground.

The river's ill use and potential and current contamination represent serious problems for the populations living on the basin, a topic that concerns Itaipu Binacional, which is also aware of the fact that its reservoir is the final destination of the Carapa River waters.

Environmental protection and conservation efforts geared towards farming activities have been one of the main aspects addressed by the program when dealing with farmers and whole communities, in keeping with Itaipu's new institutional mission, which is to generate power through socially and environmentally responsible practices. 

One of the major principles of the Carapa Ypoti sub-program is that without the engagement of the people from the communities in which it operates, the results will always have a limited reach and an uncertain life span.

Carapa Ypoti directors also believe that without showing a high level of ability to obtain convincing results, faint are its chances of ensuring the actual participation by the community.

The Department for the Environment of the Office of the Paraguay President considers the Carapa Ypoti sub-program a positive reference not only for Itaipu's area of influence but also a hallmark of collaborative work whose methods can be applied in other areas in the country.

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