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Itaipu has an aquaculture station in which fish farming programs and initiatives are carried out.

Their major features are the expansion in production capabilities, improvement to the existing infrastructure, and the development of research programs that enable the captive reproduction of other native species.

Covering 16 thousand m2 of water, the aquaculture station includes fish fry tanks. The production is dedicated to repopulation programs and donation to small farmers for fattening.

Over the past three years, over 2 million fish fry from seven species were produced, among them Dourado (S. maxillosus) and Surubi (P. coruscans, a Brazilian catfish).

Fish diversity

Itaipu has conducted a Fish Diversity Study.

Along the stretch between the power plant and the Seven Falls, over 120 species have been identified, enhancing the fish diversity recorded above the so-called flooding plains, before the reservoir and on Brazilian territory.

At the location, muddy waters are prevalent. Among the species most commonly seen is the Corvina (P. squamosissimus).

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