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Green Line
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Conserving the environment is everyone's job. Itaipu does its share and works towards raising awareness and engaging the population living on the Paraná River III drainage basin.

Through the Green Line, the company takes environmental education lessons to 29 cities in Paraná and Mato Grosso do Sul.

The traveling educational program operates with the support of a bus adapted to the activities and a team of 90 environmental monitors on board.

Green Line educators develop activities that raise awareness, reeducate, promote social-environmental thinking, and help improve the quality of life of the populations visited.

The Green Line is a collaboration effort between Itaipu Binacional and the Development Council for Cities Bordering the Itaipu Lake. Operating since 2002, the program establishes a different schedule of specific activities every year.

It has held cultural events, ecological walks and lectures primarily among students and farmers in order to make them agents that disseminate the idea of environmental conservation.

Integrated to the Cultivating Good Water program, it is now used also as a tool enabling the population to access information on organic agriculture, the importance of consuming good-quality water and leading a healthy life.

From one of the Green Line initiatives, 490 lunch ladies in 26 cities learned to prevent food waste and improve the students' nutrition quality by adopting organic agriculture.

The program also helped train 720 health agents from church organizations and health departments via the course on medicinal plants. Additionally, it participated in the Local Mobilization for the Waters, which involved 3 thousand teachers, students, fishermen, paper pickers, and farmers in lectures, classes, and technical visits focused on the topic of water.

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