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Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
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Itaipu's commitment to the environmental issue and mainly to the Paraná River's water quality is clear from the power plant's construction planning. Water monitoring began in 1977 in order to characterize and assess aquatic ecosystem changes and to propose mitigating actions for possible impacts so that the multiple usages of water (such as energy generation, supply, fishing, farming and ranching, and tourism) are guaranteed.
Since then, several monitoring actions have been incorporated and new methodologies proposed to achieve the goals according to Itaipu's strategic planning, such as observing trends in water quality standards variation that may be a result of the water and soil conservationist actions proposed by the company's environmental management programs.
Itaipu Binacional has a Monitoring program aimed at providing parameters and indicators guiding and attesting the environmental aspects related to the actions developed in the watershed, therefore, contributing to the aquatic ecosystem conservation and preservation and to the Sustainable Development Goal 6 (Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all).
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