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Education for the sustainable development
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Implemented in 1990, Itaipu's environmental education program on the Paraguayan side seeks to encourage the country's sustainable development.

To that end, it develops a series of initiatives involving communities, educators, students, and farmers.

The initiative Improving my Community raises awareness among the population and engages them in cleaning streets and streams, and also in planting trees in public areas and river banks.

The project Environmental Education in Peasant Settlements educates farmers, housewives, students and teachers on the ways to lead a healthier life.

Corporate Environmental Education takes environmental conservation lessons into Itaipu by creating an in-house network of environmental educators among employees.

Training Protecting Fishermen presents income alternatives for the period when fishing is forbidden, while Training Environmental Protectors and Guards encourages young people to participate in the solution of local environmental problems.

At the Agenda 21 Training Conference, authorities, civil servants and community leaders set up a local Agenda 21.

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