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Besides telling the history of the power plant and that of the area where it was built, Itaipu's Eco-museum offers innovating environmental education activities.

At the Education Space, the community and visitors participate in actions that promote environmental awareness.

Dedicated to grade school students, the Eureka project enables the social and environmental memory to be retraced and preserved as visitors explore the museum circuit.

Activities take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, on a full-time basis.

Dedicated to families living in areas surrounding the Eco-museum, the Veranda project develops activities on weekends in order to promote local integration and strengthen the company's image by appreciating the memory and environmental education.

On Fridays, the Community Growth Group works with children living in underprivileged neighborhoods surrounding the Eco-museum.

The activity seeks to help enhance visitors' psychological and intellectual development by raising their awareness regarding environmental issues and contributing to the education of future educational-initiative agents.

On its turn, the Citizen Action conducts recreational activities with children enrolled in day care centers. It seeks to foster citizen participation and human appreciation.

It deals with relevant child development aspects such as the importance of friendship and affection in interpersonal relationships.

There are also services for people with special needs. Following a specific program, these visitors tour the Eco-museum and participate in recreational activities designed to expand their possibilities.

The Eco-museum is open Tuesdays through Sundays from 8:30am to 5:30pm.The museum closes for maintenance on Mondays. The tickets cost R$ 8 for adults and R$ 4 for kids 7 to 16, people over 60 and students that present their student card with current date.

For the Combined Power Plant/Eco-museum Tour, always departing from the Visitors' Reception Center, R$ 16 on the Brazilian side. Kids aged 7 to 16, seniors over 60 and students that present their student card with current date pay R$ 8.

To schedule a tour, access or call (45) 3520-5816.

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