Cultivating Good Water
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The Cultivating Good Water (CAB) program is a methodology based on national and planetary documents which includes several socio-environmental actions related to the water security of Itaipu’s location by conserving natural resources and biodiversity, as well as fostering the quality of life for the communities belonging to the Itaipu Binacional's area of influence.
The name "Cultivating Good Water" with progressive verb aspect in order to denote a continuous process emphasizes the need of "cultivating" or "taking care of" the water to keep its abundance and quality, just as the soil is cultivated to produce good fruits.
Awarded the "Water for Life" UN-Water best practices Award 2015 as the world's best water management practice (category 1), the CAB is a permanent community participation movement in which Itaipu works together with the society to change its values in addition to mitigating and correcting environmental liabilities.
Through a wide awareness, mobilization and information process it is intended to foster changes in the ways of organizing, producing, consuming and taking care of the water to enable a more sustainable future for the territory communities.
The program works according to the concept of river watershed, so the planning and execution of socio-environmental actions are carried out by micro-watersheds. The program has worked in the 29 cities of the Paraná River Watershed 3 from 2003 to 2017. Itaipu has expanded its operations to 54 cities (53 in the Western Paraná and one in Mato Grosso do Sul) by December 2017. 
The program’s implementation and management are carried out with broad participation of society. Read more...
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