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Itaipu´s commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development of the territory is recognized nationally and internationally. In 2015, the company received the Water for Life Award, by the UN-Water, for best practices in water management.

Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking Award. Itaipu has once again ranked first in the Benchmarking award with the "Medical Plants" program. The binational company had already been awarded first place in the 2016 Benchmarking with the "Biodiversity: Our Heritage" program; in 2007, with the "Cultivating Good Water" (CAB) program; in 2011, with the "Sustainable Rural Development" program; and in 2012, with the "Watershed Management" program. In 2016, it ranked first in the Indicators category. In 2013, it was awarded second place with the "Sustainability for Indigenous Communities" program. In 2014, it was among the top 20 with the "Friendly Waste Sorting" program. And in 2012, it ranked first among the best socio-environmental practices in 10 years of the Benchmarking award, once again with the CAB program.
Benchmarking. Itaipu was awarded two first places in the 14th edition Brazil's Benchmarking. The company ranked first with the "Biodiversity: Our Heritage" program and in the "Indicators" new category with its set of indicators certifying the binational socio-environmental management. 
Hugo Werneck. The "Cultivating Good Water" (CAB) program was honored at the sixth edition of the Hugo Werneck Award, which is one of the main Brazilian awards for environmental actions. The award theme in that year was "Through the Waters of the Planet – From the Brazilian Water Tank to the Land of Waterfalls". Seventeen projects and personalities have stood out and were awarded for their examples in sustainability.




Water for Life. The environmental program Cultivando Água Boa - CAB (Cultivating Good Water), developed by Itaipu in partnership with 29 municipalities of the Paraná River Basin, was recognized by the UN for best management of water resources. The CAB competed with 40 initiatives from all continents and won the 1st place in the category "Best practices in water management" of the 5th edition of the Water for Life Award.

Life Certification. Itaipu Binacional is the third company in Brazil to receive the Life Certification, a methodology that assesses the effectiveness of the environmental management system of the company and its actions for biodiversity conservation.

Cumbres de Guadarrama. Itaipu's actions on sustainability with the Cultivando Agua Boa (CAB) program have granted the company the Cumbres de Guadarrama Award, given by the Community of Madrid, Spain, in January 2015. Since 1914, the award recognizes good examples of ecology by organizations, governments, national parks, and people.


Eco-Sustainability Award. Itaipu Binacional was one of the winners in the 32nd edition of Eco-Sustainability Award, sponsored by the American Chamber of Commerce - AMCHAM Brazil. The company won as the best Sustainability Practice in Processes and Services Category (large company), with the case of the Sustainability Management System (SMS).

Istoé Award. The prize elected, according to the organizers, the corporations more willing to implement a new development model, based on a modern capitalism and in line with the environment and society in which they operate. The Itaipu ranked second in the category Workers and fourth in Governance. Among large companies, it ranked fourth in the general ranking.

Benchmarking. The "Coleta Solidaria" program, which is part of the Cultivating Good Water Program the deals with gatherers of recyclable waste, ranked among the top 20 Brazilian practices, during the 12th edition of Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking Prize. 

Ozires Silva Award. Itaipu Binacional spawned two projects among the highlights of the category Environmental Entrepreneurship in Education (medium and large business) at the 7th edition of Ozires Silva Award, an initiative of the Institute of Management and Economics (ISAE) of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) and the Grupo Paranaense de Comunicação (GRPCOM). The company won first place with the project "Water: Knowledge for Management", a partnership between the National Water Agency (ANA) and the Itaipu Technological Park Foundation (FPTI), with support from Itaipu, and received the Mention Honorable by the environmental education program, one of the Cultivating Good Water initiatives.

Belmiro Siqueira Award for Management. Itaipu won the Belmiro Siqueira Award for Management, granted by the Federal Council of Administration (CFA), presented during the 4th National Convention of the CFA held in Foz do Iguaçu. Itaipu competed against more than 400 companies throughout the country. The whole of environmental and socially responsible actions performed in the Paraná River Basin 3 (BP3) granted the company the award as Corporate Citizen.


Marketing Best Sustainability. The Cultivating Good Water program (CGW), of Itaipu Binacional and partners, received the Marketing Best Sustainability 2013Trophy, conferred to the best sustainable business actions in Brazil, supported by the Brazilian Marketing Academy and sponsored by the Reference Publishing Company. The award has been promoted for 12 years and this was the first time Itaipu was chosen.

Environmental Benchmarking Award. Itaipu was again among the top 30 country's social-environmental practices selected by the Benchmarking Ranking. This time, the company achieved the second place in the annual award with the Indigenous Communities Sustainability program, an initiative of the Cultivating Good Water, which benefits 273 families distributed among the Ocoy, Añetete and Iatamarã communities.


Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking. For the third time in five years, Itaipu was the winner of the Ranking Benchmarking of Holders of Best Practices in Sustainability in the country. The company competed with the case "Watershed Management", one of the actions of the Cultivating Good Water Program (CAB) developed by the Coordination and Environment Board.  The company also joined the ranking of best practices of the decade.


Environmental Award Chico Mendes. For the second consecutive year, environmental actions of the Cultivating Good Water program, of the Itaipu Binational, were recognized with the Environmental Award Chico Mendes.

Americas Award. The Cultivating Good Water Program was chosen as an example of excellence in environmental sustainability category for Americas Award 2011.  The award is granted by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), in partnership with the International Training Centre for Local Actors for Latin America (CIFAL) - Atlanta, United States.

Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking.  Itaipu was chosen again to the Ranking Benchmarking of Best Practices for Sustainability in the country.  The company competed with the case "Management for Sustainability in the Rural Areas", one of the actions of the Cultivating Good Water Program (CAB).

June 5th Award.  Itaipu Binacional received in Curitiba, the June 5th Award, sponsored by the Public Affairs Institute of Brazil.  The award brought together representatives of public institutions throughout the country  Itaipu was awarded the Cultivating Good Water Program in Natural Resources Management category, as best design preservation of biodiversity and ecosystems (hydric resources, flora, and fauna).


Coge Foundation. Itaipu received the Coge Foundation Award, one of the most prestigious in the Brazilian electricity sector.  The recognition came in the Action of environmental responsibility category with the Electric Vehicle for Collectors Project.  It was the second time that the company received the award - the first time was in 2006, with the Cultivating Good Water Program.

ANA Award.  In  2010, Itaipu received the highest national award in recognition of care with the water, the ANA Award, sponsored by the National Water Agency (ANA).  The world's largest hydroelectric power generation company was awarded in the company category, with its social and environmental program the Cultivating Good Water.

Clean Tech & New Energy.  Itaipu's capacity to produce clean, renewable energy has been recognized by the British magazine The New Economy, responsible for awards Clean Technology and New Energy.  Considered as "a leader in developing renewable energy sources", Itaipu was one of the winners, staying side by side with the largest energy companies in the world.  Projects of the company, as the Cultivating Good Water, the Platform for Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicle and the Itaipu Technological Park were mentioned as examples of successful initiatives.

Chico Mendes. The Social Environmental Chico Mendes Award recognizes the efforts of Itaipu in the promotion of various environmental actions within the Cultivating Good Water program. Promoted by Chico Mendes Institute, the award values actions focused on sustainable development through the human promotion and environmental conservation.


ECO Awards 2009, category Sustainability in Processes, issued by the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-United States - Amcham and the newspaper Valor Economico, on November 27, São Paulo-SP.


Ecology and Environmental Conservation Award granted by the Curitiba City Council on June 19, to Nelton Friedrich, Coordination director, for the work done in the social-environmental field through the implementation of the Cultivating Good Water Program.

"National Business Social-Environmental Responsibility Distinction" Award granted by Instituto Ambiental Biosfera for Itaipu's host of social-environmental responsibility initiatives, São Paulo (SP), October 17.


"March 19" (19 de Março) award granted by the Order of Brazilian Auctioneers and magazine “O Pregoeiro” for the holding of the first binational electronic trading floor. The award was presented at the 2nd Brazilian Conference of Auctioneers in Foz do Iguaçu, in March.  

"5th Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking" Award for Itaipu having been considered the promoter of the best environmental initiative in 2007, with the Cultivating Good Water Program. This award was granted by the Brazilian Environmental Benchmarking Program and presented in the Masp auditorium in São Paulo by Haroldo Mattos de Lemos, representative of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) on September 26.

Fome Zero Certificate in recognition of the actions developed towards the implementation of the Business and Information Telecenter project. The certificate was presented at the National Trade Confederation auditorium in Brasília-DF on December 5.


“National Distinction in Environment, Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility” (Destaque Nacional em Meio Ambiente, Desenvolvimento Sustentável e Responsabilidade Social) award granted by the Instituto Ambiental Biosfera (Biosphere Environmental Institute) and the Instituto Brasileiro de Estudos Especializados - Ibrae (Brazilian Institute of Specialized Studies) for the contribution to its industry's projects, actions and initiatives that result in actual improvement to the people's quality of life nationwide, received in February.

Abes Award granted by the Associação Brasileira de Engenharia Sanitária e Ambiental – Abes (Brazilian Association of Sanitation and Environmental Engineers) in the public company category, in recognition of projects and initiatives developed by the Cultivating Good Water program in the 29 cities of the Paraná Basin III, received in July.

2005 Betinho/Ibase Social Balance Seal (Selo Balanço Social Ibase/Betinho 2005) granted by the Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses (Instituto Brasileiro de Análises Sociais e Econômicas - Ibase), received in August. The right to use the seal attests that Itaipu complies with the transparency and social balance publication criteria required by Ibase and submits to complaints and suggestions posed by the society regarding the company's work.

Social Management Excellence Distinction (Destaque Excelência em Gestão Social) award promoted by Editora Expressão in collaboration with consulting companies Civitas and Lauster, granted for the 3rd Business Social Responsibility Survey of the South, in September.

Coge Foundation Award granted by the Coge Foundation (Fundação Coge) in the category Environmental Initiatives for the Cultivating Good Water Program, considered the best environmental initiative developed by companies in the Brazilian electricity industry, in November.

2006 Pro Gender Equality Seal (Selo Pró-Eqüidade de Gênero 2006) of the 1st edition of the 2005/2006 Pro Gender Equality Program, granted by the Special Office of Policies for Women (Secretaria Especial de Políticas para as Mulheres) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Fund for Women (Unifem) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) to public companies that have adopted practices fostering gender equality and equal opportunities for men and women, in December.


“Zilda Arns Social Responsibility Award – Top Social ADVB-PR (Brazilian Marketing and Sales Directors Association – Paraná Chapter)” (Prêmio Zilda Arns de Responsabilidade Social – Top Social ADVB-PR - Associação dos Dirigentes de Vendas e Marketing do Brasil Seção Paraná) for the Cultivating Good Water program, granted by the ADVB Institute of Social Responsibility (Instituto ADVB de Responsabilidade Social).

2nd “FAE/Fiep – Social Responsibility” award granted by the School of Business Administration and Economics (Faculdade de Administração e Economia - FAE) along with the State of Paraná Industry Federation (Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Paraná - Fiep).
Special award granted by NGO Iniciativa da Carta da Terra for the Cultivating Good Water program, as an example of socially and environmentally responsible public company.

13th “Ecological Expression – Non-formal Environmental Education on the Lajeado Xaxim and Rio Sabiá Micro-Basin” award (13º Prêmio Expressão de Ecologia - Educação Ambiental Não-formal na Microbacia do Lajeado Xaxim e Rio Sabiá) granted by Editora Expressão de Ecologia for the Environmental Education for Itaipu Sustainability program (Educação Ambiental para Sustentabilidade da Itaipu), one of the Cultivating Good Water program initiatives.


1st “FAE/Fiep/2004 – Social Responsibility” award granted by the School of Business Administration and Economics (Faculdade de Administração e Economia - FAE) along with the State of Paraná Industry Federation (Federação das Indústrias do Estado do Paraná - Fiep).

Tribute by the House of Representatives through the exhibit “Itaipu 30 years – energy for all” at the Espaço Cultural Mário Covas in Brasília.


11th “Ecological Expression – Conservation of Natural Resources - Private Sector” award (Expressão de Ecologia – Conservação de Recursos Naturais Setor Privado) for the project “Studies of Fish Eggs and Larvae in the Itaipu Reservoir” (Estudos de Ovos e Larvas de Peixes no Reservatório de Itaipu) granted by Editora Expressão.

10th “Environmental Education – Outreaching Dignity Trophy” award (Educação Ambiental – Troféu Dignidade Solidária) for the project “Social Sustainability of the Village C Area – Outreach Electricity” (Sustentabilidade Social da Região da Vila C - Energia Solidária) granted by the Paraná Citizen Participation Center (Centro Paranaense de Cidadania - Cepac).

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