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The Itaipu Technological Park (ITP) via the Applied Technology and Innovation Institute (Instituto de Tecnologia Aplicada e Inovação - Itai) operates a network of Telecenters spread throughout Brazil that have become a benchmark for digital and social insertion of underprivileged communities and micro and small companies.

The Telecenters offer not only access to the internet but also training to enable those agents to use computers as a means of professional education and access to knowledge.

The technology used at the Telecenters operated by the ITP/Itai is the same used at the information and business telecenters of the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

Through collaboration with the Ministry, the information, business and citizen participation telecenter management system developed by Itai is currently being tested in 14 Brazilian states.

The management system will standardize the management of Ministry and ITP telecenters, and make it easier to collect and share Digital Insertion Program indicators.

In addition to the management system, the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade has also adopted the ITP server free software technology that allows one single piece of equipment to connect several workstations previously obsolete for use.

The system has been installed in part of the telecenters operated by the Ministry. Overall, the Brazilian government network has approximately 3 thousand telecenters already implemented or undergoing implementation.

Through collaboration with Sebrae-Paraná, products were created to allow the digital insertion of companies. One such product is the free software-based Business Management System whose purpose is to automate the management of micro and small companies.

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