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The goal of the Smart Electric Mobility Program (mob-i) by Itaipu Binacional is to develop the technologies to support a new generation of electric urban mobility. 
This R&D program was created by Itaipu in partnership with the Center of Engeneering and Innovation for Mobility Industries (CEiiA, from Portugal) and the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI-BR) and aims at generating technologies and business models for new solutions in terms of mobility.
Launched in 2014, mob-i coordinates four projects with electric vehicles: in the power plant itself; in Curitiba, with Curitiba Ecoelétrico (website); and Brasilia Ecomóvel and mob-i UN, both in the federal capital of Brazil.
Besides the electric cars (28 in total), mob-i supplies recharging stations and a data base that provides real-time indicators such as costs, avoided emissions of green house gases, distances covered by the vehicles and their pinpointed location. 
For information on results, check the mob-i indicators document, at the right column of this page.
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