Knowledge Management
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Knowledge management is the systematic process of identifying, creating, refreshing and applying knowledge that is strategic for the life of an organization.

As an organizational process, knowledge management comprises the set of actions dedicated to giving companies a corporate tool to strategically manage their intellectual capital. It involves initiatives related to education and organizational intelligence, skills management, corporate education, and intellectual capital management with essential support from information and communication technologies.

At Itaipu, knowledge management started in the plant's maintenance division and during the implementation of the additional 9A e 18A generating units.

In the future, that experience will be expanded to the entire organization not only to ensure business managers remain up-to-date and aligned with the other production industries in Brazil and Paraguay but also to enable acquired knowledge to be retained in an organized way, by systematizing information so as to make it useful and available for all employees.

Hence, knowledge management enables the knowledge legacy required to set up strategies to be continuously transferred, as well as contributes to the performance of all processes vital for the company to accomplish its goals and consequently fulfill its mission.

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