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Human Resources education and training
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The Itaipu Technological Park (ITP) seeks to create a joint teaching environment dedicated to human resources training and education, bringing together students and teachers in technical, undergraduate and graduate programs.

To that end, it houses the Unioeste Engineering and Exact Sciences Center campus in Foz do Iguaçu where classes are available in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Math programs. 

The ITP also holds the distance-education student support center of the Brazilian Open University, which offers two undergraduate programs and three at the graduate level.

There are 250 graduate slots divided among the programs of Teaching Methods and Techniques, Environmental Management and Health for Education Teachers, and 100 undergraduate slots divided among the programs of Public Management Technology and Languages – Spanish.

Students, teachers and researchers have at their disposal 15 classrooms in addition to chemistry, metalography, metrology, industrial automation, robotics, process control, circuit, industrial electrical installations, industrial machinery, physics, math, and computer labs, among others.

The ITP also supports research groups working at its facilities, like the Power Electrical Systems Analysis and Control Group; Bioinformatics Lab; Electricity Generation, Conveyance and Distribution Simulation Lab; Materials Lab; Education-Applied Technologies Development Group; Computer Network Study and Research Group; Industrial Automation Group; and Free Software Study and Research Group.

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