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The modernization of a hydroelectric plant consists of the process of replacing equipment considered obsolete or at the end of its useful life with equipment of more advanced technology, or in the incorporation of new systems with new functionalities.

In this context, to address Itaipu's strategic goal and to maintain and improve the excellence in the production and supply of energy, the power plant is responsible for perfecting the delivery of the energy and the availability of the equipment and installations, in addition to minimizing operating costs.

The first step towards modernization comprises the consolidation of a document defining the corporate lines of action in the process.
The document prepared at Itaipu is called "Directives and Criteria for the Technological Modernization of Itaipu".

This document of guidelines based on the EPRI methodology and adapted to the conditions at Itaipu confers objectivity to the process of defining the equipment and systems to be upgraded and included in the Technological Modernization Plan (PAT).

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