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Business Development Arena
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At the Business Development Arena, the Itaipu Technological Park (ITP) fosters the development of innovating products and services by means of encouraging the creation and establishment of technology-based companies.

The Business Development Arena comprises the Entrepreneur Factory, the Santos Dumont Company Incubator, and the Business Condominium.

At the Santos Dumont Company Incubator, new projects in the area of software development, internet pages, communications, geoprocessing, and environmental education get support and assistance for their development during their incubation period.

The Business Condominium houses companies already consolidated that provide services and products to the areas of technology, tourism, and environmental management and education. At the ITP, companies have access to technology research and innovations, besides enjoying market visibility.

On its turn, the Entrepreneur Factory is a pre-incubation center where professionals and trainees acquire training and experience to later create their own companies and join the Company Incubator.

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