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Sustainable Purchases
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Sustainability is now a recurring theme in the strategic planning and corporate day-to-day operations. Several private companies and public institutions already consider this in their procurement and supply chains through the concept of sustainable procurement, which includes environmental, social and economic criteria.
The adoption of these criteria starts with a detailed analysis of the objects to be acquired, especially in relation to its critical potential - if its production involves intensive use of natural resources, if there are risks of pollution or if there is a direct relationship between their use and human health issues, for example. The more significant these factors, the greater should be the concern to adopt sustainable procurement processes.
The evaluation of the product life cycle (from production to disposal), the total cost of ownership and the applicable law should also be considered for the definition of sustainability requirements, which may be included in the product specifications, selection or qualification of suppliers and contracts.
With this practice, an organization contributes to improving the efficiency of the contracts and at the same time uses its purchasing power to generate greater environmental, economic and social benefits.
Based on this ideas, and taking into account its commitment with sustainability expressed in its corporate mission and vision, Itaipu has launched the Sustainable Procurement Program. Now, based on a classification matrix, all goods and services, before being acquired, are evaluated under the aspects and impacts related to sustainability.
If your company produces according to good social and environmental practices, please contact Itaipu through the email