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WordPress Founder speaks at the 5th Latinoware
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Creator of the most popular open source blog system, Wordpress, Matt Mullenweg considers free software an important tool for the cultural integration among nations. “Open source programs foster cultural and knowledge dissemination through their technological conveniences. They also encourage the socialization of information in a way we had never seen before”, he said. 


The scientist has become one of the celebrated characters at the 5th Latin American Conference on Free Software (Latinoware), which goes on until this Saturday at the Itaipu Technological Park in Foz do Iguaçu. Latinoware is an initiative by Itaipu Binacional in collaboration with the PTI Foundation, the Paraná IT Company (Celepar), and the Brazilian Data Processing Service (Serpro).


 To Matt Mullenweg, blogs can also significantly foster public dialogue about social issues. In that regard, he mentioned citizen journalism, which rose from these personalized journals that he considers appropriate spaces for virtual debates among people from all nationalities.


“Today there are millions of blog users that oftentimes base the public agenda. We can even mention major media outlets that have joined the blog trend, like the New York Times, in the US, or the BBC, in London”, he highlighted.   


Matt Mullenweg will be speaking this Saturday starting at 11 am at the Latin American PHP Congress, which is being held together with Latinoware 2008. In general, the plenary will present techniques and tips on how to enhance the performance of a website using a blog or Wordpress system.