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Visitation to Iguassu Falls and Itaipu increases in 2015
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Iguaçu National Park (INP) has recorded the best first semester in its history, with 755,835 visitors, 2% higher than the period from January to June in 2014. Attractions at the Itaipu Tourism Complex (CTI), in turn, welcomed 252,709 tourists, a growth of 7.15% compared to the first semester of last year.

At the Falls, the number of foreigners reached 323,217 visitors, 2.6% above that registered in the same period in 2014. Brazilian visitors this year totaled 432,618 people, 1.5% higher than the total in the same period last year. According to the INP, extended vacation periods in Brazil have contributed to this rise, along with the higher price of the dollar in comparison to the Brazilian real.

For the second semester, both the Falls and Itaipu can expect positive numbers, thanks to four "long-weekends" on the horizon, all falling on a Monday: Independence Day (September 7), Our Lady of Aparecida (October 12), All Souls' Day (November 2) and Christmas (December 25).

The total number of visitors to Itaipu, including tourism and institutional trips on both sides, Brazilian and Paraguayan, was 356,659 people. However, Paraguay experienced a drop in visitation, impacting the final result. In total, there was a drop in relation to the 382,688 visitors recorded in the same period of 2014.

The biggest highlight of the semester was in fact the CTI, on the Brazilian side, with 252,709 visitors. The Panoramic Visits, the most popular among tourists, catered to 165,527 visits in the first semester, or 3% more than the number recorded from January to June of 2014. The Special Circuit was enjoyed by 25,624 tourist, 3.78% more than registers for the previous year.

From January to June, a 10% rise was noted in the number of visits from Mercosur, compared to the first semester of 2014. In total, some 7,756 people visited from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. The increase in the number of Brazilians was 7.3% (a total of 216,973 tourists). The number from other countries came to 28,360, a growth of 5.26% in visitors compared to the same period last year.

At the Falls

At the Iguassu Falls, results for the first semester have confirmed the possibility of a new annual visitation record for 2015. This is chiefly due to Brazilian tourists arriving in greater numbers, and,  for foreigners, a more favorable exchange rate. Throughout the whole of last year, Iguaçu National Park welcomed 1,550,607 visitors.

In the ranking of nationalities that visited the Iguaçu National Park in 2015, after the Brazilians (432,618 tourists), come the Argentines (115,361), followed by Paraguayans (21,128), Americans (17,166), French (14,770) and Germans (14,462).

They are followed in order by England (10,335), Peru (10,145), Japan (9,964) and Spain (9,022). South Korea, whose national soccer team trained in Foz do Iguaçu, comes in at 12th, with 7,231 visitors. It rose three positions in comparison to 2014.

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