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UN DESA and Itaipu debate the disclosure of the SGDs and sustainable projects
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Deepening the knowledge about the Sustainable Development Objectives (SDOs) and propagating them to the community are the primary objectives of the "O envolvimento da comunidade nos Objetivos de Desenvolvimento Sustentável (ODS)" training, promoted by Itaipu Binacional and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) this Tuesday and Wednesday (days 6 and 7), from 8 AM to 5 PM, at the Itaipu Ecomuseum, in Foz do Iguaçu.

Also on the agenda are the 2030 Agenda, its goals and objectives, and the interconnection among all the SDOs, especially those regarding water (SDO 6) and energy (SDO 7). After the seminar, the participants will also be qualified to use the SDO language, which will allow all to disseminate the developed projects more effectively, in the international scope.

The seminar is given by two UN DESA representatives: Nicolas Franke, Sustainable Development Officer of the Sustainable Development Objective Division, and Isabel Raya, an energy consultant. There are 34 participants, including employees from various areas of Itaipu and representatives of Itaipu Technological Park, of universities in the region, the Association of Municipalities from Western Paraná, the West under Development Program, the Youth Collective, as well as Environmental Education managers.

Ariel Scheffer da Silva, Itaipu's Environmental Management superintendent, welcomed the participants of the event reinforcing the company's socioenvironmental activity, aligned with the SDOs and with a commitment to the region in which it is inserted. "A very important aspect is the strong partnerships we have, with so many institutions that aggregate so much to the work developed", he emphasized. "Now, with this training, we will be able to replicate even more the good initiatives of Western Paraná to the world".

Sharing information and disseminating initiatives is precisely one of the primary interests of UN DESA. "The good that is done in one part of the world can be done in others. The benefit of this knowledge exchange belongs to all, and our role is to help disseminate as much as possible the SDOs and the positive projects that help get them put into practice", said Nicolas Franke, from UN DESA. Isabel Raya completed: "What we want is a scale effect, in which information spreads ever more".