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Tourism increases at Itaipu and the Iguassu Falls
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In August 2010, the Itaipu Tourist Complex (Complexo Turístico Itaipu - CTI) recorded the visit of 21,175 people. Added to the 4,159 company visits coordinated by the Public Relations Division (CSRP.GB), the total number of 25,334 visitors in the month is 58.74% higher than in August 2009, when 15,959 tourists dropped by the power plant.

The increase follows the trend seen in 2010. In the first eight months in 2009, Itaipu welcomed 224,064 visitors, against 254,753 this year, which indicates a 13.69% increase in the tourist flow recorded on the binational company’s left banks.


Last August, the Cataratas (Falls) International Airport in Foz do Iguaçu (Iguassu) recorded the best month in its history. For the first time, passenger boarding and landing exceeded the 100,000 mark, totaling 108,000. Today, there are 18 daily flights at the airport, at an average 70% occupancy. There were 724,000 passengers between January and August, 54% more than in the same period in 2009 and over twice the national average.
“Historically, our best month is October. In case the trend remains, we should exceed 130,000 passengers next month”, said Joacir Araujo dos Santos, Infraero superintendent at the Foz airport.

National Park

At the Iguassu National Park, there were 87,000 tourists in August, against 57,000 in August 2009. Domestic tourists have helped achieve that increase: 36,000 Brazilians visited the park last month, against 18,000 in August 2009. The results are also favorable in the overall total for the first 8 months: 786,000 in 2010 against 657,000 last year.

“It is our best result since 2005”, celebrates Jorge Pegoraro, the Park’s director. “Our estimates are very positive for the year. We expect to end 2010 with over 1,250,000 visitors on the Brazilian side of the Falls, setting a new visitation record”.

Integrated management

According to Gilmar Piolla, Itaipu’s Social Communications superintendent and chairman of the Iguassu Tourism Development and Promotion Fund , one of the drivers to develop tourism in the area lies in the image of the Iguassu Destination. “That image has been constantly improving, and that leads to more tourists at the attractions and more events coming to the city”, he analyzed.

“This greater tourist flow is the product of these three years of integrated tourism management in Foz do Iguassu, whereby we have sought to give the destination more visibility both in terms of business and events tourism as well as leisure”, said Felipe Gonzalez, city secretary for Tourism.

New fleet

In August, CTI’s new tourism fleet celebrated one year. Visitor approval is complete. The set comprises 11 new vehicles and has allowed more accessibility for people with disabilities, besides a privileged view of the plant during the scenic tour, taken on five two-level buses, the so-called double deckers.

The fleet also includes three vans for the special circuit and three urban buses that are made available to the CTI on weekends. Additionally, there are two ‘trains’ drawn by Jeeps used on visits to the Bela Vista Biological Sanctuary.

Together, the vehicles are able to carry up to 541 passengers at the same time: 68 on the scenic double, 40 on the 'train, 40 on the urban buses and 27 in the van. Since August 2009, the fleet has transported over 250,000 tourists.