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Toledo farmers get Environmental Control Plans
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Landowners in the Toledo and Lopeí river basin areas, in the municipality of Toledo, had a very special day last Wednesday. They received Environmental Control Plans from Itaipu for their properties, the result of joint studies carried out by researchers from Toledo’s Unioeste and Fasul Universities and Itaipu experts. 187 Plans were sent, at no cost, to 153 landowners.

The Environmental Control Plan presents a diagnosis of the property and indicates what is necessary to make it conform to existing legislation. Within the framework of the ‘Cultivating Good Water’ program, collective actions are taken to correct environmental liabilities, but the work is only really complete when corrective measures are taken on each property.

The most common problems are in the cattle facilities (sties, coops, stables). Collective and individual measures are complimentary in nature, and their main goal is to make each property more eco-friendly and capable of following the legislation, as well as economically sustainable. With the support provided by Itaipu, the landowner is not left alone with his problems, but can rely on partnership and solidarity. He/she is also subjected to lower costs in order to comply with the environmental legislation and build sustainability. Diagnostic and executive projects are often too expensive for farmers to face on their own.

 “This is crucial for restructuring and managing rural properties according to the best ecological techniques and practices, for the construction of a healthy environment, a healthy life for all beings, a prosperous economy and sustainable development”, states the director of Coordination of Itaipu, Nelton Friedrich. And he adds: “that’s why we believe this is a remarkable moment for farmers, a privileged occasion to promote the necessary improvement of their property and thus play their part in the formation of a rich environment for themselves, their families, and their communities.”


The same year, in compliance with the cooperation contract signed with the municipality of Toledo, Itaipu gave the following equipment to the Toledo river basin area community: 8 water tanks with a 15-thousand liter capacity each; 4 pump-engines; 2 organic fertilizer spreaders with a 4-thousand liter capacity each; and 1 water tank for the installation of a community reservoir in Novo Sarandi district.

Revitalizing an Urban Park

During the event, an authorization was signed for the beginning of works to revitalize the urban park located at the source of the Pinheirinho Stream, which will be executed in a joint venture between Itaipu, the City Hall of Toledo and Banco Real.

New Contract

The Administration of Itaipu, the City of Foz do Iguaçu and other partners have signed a new contract to promote the conservation of the water and soil in the middle basin of River Toledo (the first phase had concentrated on higher ground areas). This new contract comprises the leveling of 10.84 Km and the graveling of 11.25 km of roads, the construction of 10,000 m of wide basis terraces, supplying a fourth spreader of organic waste and eight community reservoirs, the adequate disposal of a ton of fertilizer packages, as well as the creation of a 10km-wide protective fence for riparian forest areas and the reconstitution of 9 hectares of riparian forest.

The total investment will be R$ 545.058.00 (46.7% from Itaipu and 53.93% from City authorities and other partners).