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PTI publishes a call for tender for the incubation
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The Itaipu Technological Park Foundation issued yesterday a call for tender for the selection of companies that wish to join the Santos Dumont Business Incubator, at the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI). Through this call for tender, organizers will also choose the companies that will provide services for tourists on the main sites of the Itaipu Tourism Complex.

The Santos Dumont Business Incubator is offering a total of 5 posts for the incubation of companies. One of them will be hired by the PTI Foundation to work on the main tourist sites of the Tourism Complex, which includes a welcome center for visitors, the panoramic view area, the Special Tourist Circuit, the lights over the Dam, the Ecomuseum and the Bela Vista Biological Refuge.

Companies will be selected according to the evaluation of their business plans and an analysis of the qualifications of companies that have their business plans approved. For companies wishing to work in the Itaipu Tourism Complex, the selection process will also include a third phase, involving the technical assessment of their prices. Candidates approved in the phase 1 and 2 phase will be allowed to form a consortium to participate in Phase 3.


In addition to the hiring of tourism service providers for the main sites of the Itaipu Tourism Complex, the call for tender of the Incubator also serves the purpose of stimulating the development of new business ventures, particularly specialized tourist service providers. The aim is to support the establishment of companies that offer quality services in the area of tourism and have environmentally responsible and sustainable projects.

To be eligible for the selection, companies can be either Brazilian or foreign-owned, have been created by individual or corporate entities, and must be regularly established in Brazil. Candidates have until September 12 to send in the registration form, the Business Plan and all required documents. The selection results for companies approved to take part in the Incubator will be released on PTI’s website on September 26.

To take part in the Tourism Complex selection, companies that pass the incubator selection stage must register for the process on October 10. The final results will be released on October 29.

The call for tender, as well as the registration form, the business plan presentation form and other information on this process are available online at PTI’s website:


Inaugurated in October 2004 at the PTI facilities, the Santos Dumont Business Incubator aims at supporting new business projects, stimulating and supporting their creation, growth, consolidation and interaction with the scientific and business world. By supporting these companies, the incubator enables young entrepreneurs to develop their business ventures.

During the incubation period, which varies from one to three years, companies can use the incubator’s entire available infrastructure and some basic support services, such as visitor welcoming, cleaning, maintenance and security.

Other benefits offered by the Incubator are: support in the consolidation and success of companies; development of a favorable environment for the Certification of companies and entrepreneurs in the areas of Environmental Management and Quality; integration of companies and entrepreneurs to the conditions of PTI and other organizations supporting entrepreneurship and promoting development; and judicial, accounting and administrative consultancy.