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PTI Joins the World Parking Network
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The Itaipu Technological Park (Parque Tecnológico Itaipu  - PTI) is the newest member of the International Association of Scientific Parks (IASP). The inclusion of IPT as a full member, the highest possible category of the Association, was approved in the 24th IASP Conference that took place last Tuesday in Barcelona, Spain.

On joining the organization, PTI becomes the second Brazilian technological park to be a member of IASP. According to the Director-General of the Association, Luis Sanz, the participation of PTI in IASP is a major step to insure connections and new contacts, speed up growth and foster development.
“Scientific and technological parks are part of a movement that is inserted in the economy of knowledge, the global economy. Therefore, it is unconceivable that a park of this kind could function in isolation, without connecting itself to other parks in the world”, he said.
Sanz also said that ‘a park must provide network services and contacts for its companies and learn from the experiences of other parks from around the world.’


For the president of the Brazilian Association of Organizations Promoting Innovative Enterprises (Anprotec), José Eduardo Fiates, PTI’s joining the IASP as a full member signals international recognition of the Park’s model and current stage of evolution.

 “The Association recognized PTI as an effective instrument capable of helping with the creation of innovative companies that promote regional development”, he says.
The senior director of the IPT Foundation, Juan Carlos Sotuyo, points out the fact that, even though it is still a relatively new organization, PTI is already a major reference for Parks in Brazil and other Developing Countries, due to its innovative model, which combines the academy, government agencies, private companies and international development organizations that promote multidisciplinary projects, from professional training to scientific research, business generation and the transfer of technologies.
“PTI is considered by specialists a scientific, technological and innovations park. We have a lot of work to do so that we can continue to consolidate and improve it”, Sotuyo says.