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Over half a million people visited Itaipu in 2012
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Itaipu is still experiencing a party mood with the record-breaking power generation in 2012. But there is more to celebrate. Last year, the Brazilian side alone of the company has reached a historic number of visitors: 529,164 people visited the tourist attractions of the plant. The number is a sum of visitations recorded at Itaipu Tourist Complex (CTI) and by the Public Relations Division of the left bank, which monitors the institutional visits.
 “As the second tourist attraction of the triple border region, Itaipu also benefited from the election of the Iguazu Falls as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and with the improvement of the image of Destination Iguaçu,” said the Social Communication superintendent at Itaipu and president of the Iguaçu Fund, Gilmar Piolla.

On the Paraguayan side, where visitation is free, 358,724 people visited Itaipu. Adding up the numbers recorded in Brazil and in Paraguay, 887,888 people passed through the power plant in 2012.
New attractions
The Itaipu Tourist Complex alone received 473,082 people, a number 21.12% higher than last year. Most visitors, 82.87%, is from Brazil; 5.05% are from other Mercosur countries, and finally, 12.08% come from other countries.
According to the CTI general manager, Jurema Fernandes, the addition of new attractions and improvement of others helped raise the number of visitors in 2012. She mentions, as an example, the inclusion of the tour by electric vehicle and the hiring of former barrage workers to guide the panoramic visits. Other new attractions were the reopening the Ecomuseum in February, and the new lighting of the dam, which opened in December.
National Park
In 2012, the Iguazu Falls also attracted a historic number of visitors. Considering the numbers registered in Brazil and Argentina, 2,930,186 people visited the wonder of nature.
On the Brazilian side alone, there were 1,535,382 visitors, the highest number since the count began 31 years ago. Visitation is 10% higher than that recorded in 2011, when the Iguaçu National Park (PNI) received 1,394,187 visitors. On the Argentine side, the number registered was also a record: 1,394,804 visitors, 12% more than in 2011.
On Dec. 27 the PNI had surpassed, for the first time in its history, the mark of 1.5 million visitors. This is the third consecutive year that the PNI breaks its own record of visitors. And for 2012, the forecast is again an increase of 10%.