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Itaipu will expand Sustainable Procurements in 2015
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The Sustainable Procurement Committee of Itaipu Binacional is considering expanding the range of products and services purchased with the criteria of sustainability in 2015. "Exactly how many more items we will have is still the subject of discussion in the committee.But we want to grow with quality," said the coordinator Adriano Hamerschmidt, during the monthly meeting of the committee, on Thursday (6th).

In 2014, Itaipu worked with six items within the Sustainable Procurement program (a service and a product in each side of the border, and a bi-national service and product): coffee-break and breakfast, printer cartridge and toner, road maintenance and lubricant oil.Other items are already considered established sustainability criteria (check the full list in the shopping website on the intranet, here).

According to Marcia Cavalheri (MTSE.DF), these criteria have been defined along with the applicants and consulting areas on both sides (Sextante in Brazil and Moisés Bertoni in Paraguay)."We realize that there is a very strong sustainability culture in Itaipu.Many colleagues bring information that enrich this process, which has facilitated the implementation of sustainable procurement in the IB, "said Marcia.

Despite this ease, the committee members have agreed that there is still much to be done.According to Bruno Periolo Odahara (JCD.JD), although there are decrees governing federal procurement, the National Solid Waste Policy and some requirements of Law 8,666 (bidding), still lack a specific legal framework on sustainable procurement.

According to Violeta Gustale, from the Moisés Bertoni consultancy, the situation is not different in Paraguay."There is a national policy which determines that the state must make purchases according to criteria of quality and opportunity.The Paraguayan government has been seeking to apply this with a sustainability bias, and today, for example, the purchase of reams of paper for the government already follows these criteria. "

In the Eletrobras System, according to Leoncio Gonzalez (SI.GG) who recently attended a meeting with other companies of the group to discuss this issue, the sustainable procurement initiatives are well advanced."During the meeting, was presented a booklet with regulatory instructions from the Ministry of Planning.The idea is that the whole system (Eletrobras) is aligned in relation to sustainable procurement," he said.

Another goal for 2015, according to Hamershmidt, is to have a more accurate picture of the financial results of the program."There is a preconceived idea that sustainable procurement is more expensive.But the experience we have had so far indicates that it can be different.Let's wait until we have more shopping items and longer contracts in order to have a clearer diagnosis," he added.

The Sustainable Procurement committee has 14 members (two representatives of the DF and one from each country of the other managements,) and meets once a month.