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Itaipu tourism records its best quarter
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In 2013, tourism at Itaipu has recorded the best quarter since the plant started charging visitation fees in 2007. From the beginning of the year until now, visitation has totaled 126,212 tourists, a 5.30% increase over the same period in 2012, when 119,856 people visited the power plant.

In 2011, 116,313 people did so, and in 2010, another 106,377. In 2009, the power plant recorded the entrance of 98,033 visitors. In 2008, 99,242.
Brazilians have helped boost the numbers. There were more tourists from Brazil than foreigners. So far in 2013, a total of 103,581 Brazilians have visited the plant, against 96,580 domestic tourists in the same period of 2012.
In 2013, Brazilians account for 87% of visitors. In 2012, they were responsible for 85% of tourists.
Easter was good as well

Over the Easter holiday, 7,621 tourists visited the power plant's attractions, a number 21.66% higher than during the same extended weekend last year.
The Easter holiday was surprising. It was expected that 6,500 visitors would be touring Itaipu. That number was exceeded by over 1,000 tourists.
On Good Friday, March 29, the total number of visitors recorded was 3,249, against 2,871 in 2012. On Saturday, 30th, visitation reached 2,694 people, against 2,033 in 2012.
On Sunday, 31st, the number of tourists was good, too: 1,678 visitors, against 1,361 the same time last year.
In March, 31,928 visitors toured the power plant, 3,100 people more than in the same month last year. Although the numbers exceeded all expectations, the best March of all time was in 2011, boasting over 34,000 tourists.
At the National Park, the increase was 30%

Over the three days of the holiday, from Good Friday, March 29, to Easter Sunday, March 31, the Iguaçu National Park was visited by 33,600 people, 30% more than during the same holiday last year.