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Itaipu supports campaign against sexual exploitation
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The Itaipu Binational are promoting with Rede Proteger and other partners the "#BrasilNaDefesaDaInfância" (#BrazilInDefenseOfChildren) campaign, of Childhood Brazil, an international institution created 15 years ago by the Queen of Sweden. Having as the stars the experts Neymar and Daniel Alves, the action aims to protect children and adolescents from sexual exploitation and abuse.
The campaign takes place during the World Cup, which ends on Sunday (13). The idea is to aware all citizens to take care of Brazilian youngsters and encourage denounce Calling 100. In Brazil, the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is considered a heinous crime.
According to Maria Emilia Medeiros de Souza, of Children and Adolescents Protection Program of Itaipu (PPCA), Itaipu is also sharing the material sent by ABRINQ Foundation, under the theme “Cartão Vermelho ao Trabalho Infantil” ("Red Card to Child Labour"). “During these big events there are several types of exploitation of children. We need to be vigilant and denounce", she said.
In addition to the two campaigns, Itaipu recently launched, in partnership with Xuxa Meneghel Foundation and Rede Proteger, the Tri-National Campaign to Stop Violence Against Children and Youth, whose godmother is the presenter Xuxa Meneghel.


The # BrasilNaDefesaDaInfância (#BrazilInDefenseOfChildren) action resulted in posters and a in a video, recorded in February, with the participation of Neymar and Dani Alves, who warn about the need for Brazil to "play in defense" in this Championship to protect children and adolescents against exploitation and sexual abuse.
"We know that in many families the abuse and sexual exploitation have occurred or it occurs. So it is important that we discuss this topic in our homes, with friends and acquaintances. Approaching the subject is the first step to face something that is so complicated and severe", says Daniel Alves.