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Itaipu registers the best February in terms of energy generation
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Itaipu closed February with record generation for the month: 7,446,865 megawatts-hour (MWh). The information was taken from the final balance sheet of the Programming and Statistics Division (OPSP.DT). It was the best February in the history of the plant. Performance over the last month surpassed the total produced during the same period last year by 29.1%.

Up till now, the best February had been in 2006 – with the production of 7,315,457 MWh. The new record comes at the heels of another: January 2011 was also the best in the history of the plant, with the production of 8,390,965 MWh, a volume 37% greater than that recorded in 2010.
With the sum of both January and February, generation totaled 15,837,830 MWh, setting a new record for the bimester.


These positive numbers indicate a good chance for a historic 2011. If the demand for energy in the country remains high, as a result of the good phase in the economy, and the water conditions and excellent performance of the equipment remain unchanged, there is a very good chance that the plant could end the year with a new world record in energy generation, surpassing the numbers of 2008. That year, Itaipu generated 94,684,781 MWh.

Largest generator
Itaipu is currently the largest hydroelectric plant in energy generation in the world. With 20 generator units and 14,000 MW installed capacity, the plant provides 16.4% of the energy consumed in Brazil and supplies 71.3% of the Paraguayan demand.