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Itaipu receives Three Gorges president, Mr. Wang Lin
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The Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) Chinese President, Wang Lin, visited Itaipu hydroelectric plant on Wednesday (26), where he had greeted by Itaipu Bionacional General Brazilian Director, Jorge Samek, and by technical directors José María Sánchez Tilleria (Paraguay) and Airton Dipp (Brazil). Three Gorges Dam, at China, and Itaipu, in the border between Brazil and Paraguay, are the two biggest hydroelectric plants in the world, expecting the production of 90 million megawatts/hour (MWh) and more than 100 million MWh in 2016, respectively.
“More than 90% of the countries in the world don’t produce what we do”, states Samek, in the greeting for Chinese executive, which reciprocates: “Itaipu is in our hearts. We have had support from Itaipu Binacional during the construction of Three Gorges Dam. In the future, we want to cooperate not only in the technical area, but also for the environmental protection.”
Samek presented several features regarding Itaipu operation, highlighting excellent productivity indices due to syntony between operation and maintenance staff. The unavailability of scheduled time (time where machines don’t work in scheduled maintenance) is less than 4% while the forced unavailability (for unexpected stops) is less than 1%.
These excellent indices, associated to the flow of Parana River Hydrographic Basin and to the demand by energy from Brazilian and Paraguayan markets, have allowed to Itaipu to have its best year in 2016. The Itaipu Binacional expectation is to establish a new world record of production, with more than 100 million MWh/year. 
Three Gorges Dam has held the current world record, producing 98.8 million MWh/year in 2014. Itaipu had its best mark in the previous year, with 98.6 million MWh/year. However, the Chinese plant installed capacity is 22,400 MW against 14,000 MW from Itaipu Binacional. 
Samek also presented some of Itaipu projects, like Itaipu Technological Park (PTI), with several initiatives in partnership with universities and national and international organizations, and Cultivating Good Water, awarded with Water for Life, from UN-Water, with the best practice in water management. Lin answered he has monitored the recent success of Itaipu and congratulated the company’s board of directors for accomplishing this recognition from the United Nations.
“All projects for Itaipu technological upgrading and modernization have been developed at PTI. And we apply this knowhow for new partnerships with Three Gorges Dam”, added Samek.
The visit was also performed with CTG Brasil President, Li Yinsheng, and with other executives from the company. According to Yinsheng, Wang Lin is in Brazil to visit GTC business ventures in the country. 
Currently, CTG-Brasil is the second renewable energy productor in the Brazilian electric field, among private held companies. In 2013, the company bought 50% of hydroelectric plants in Santo Antônio do Jari (Para) and Cachoeira Caldeirão (Amapa), and 33.3% of São Manoel (Mato Grosso). In 2015, it bought 100% of plants of Salto (GO) e Garibaldi (SC). Yet in the last year, it bought 49% of participation in 11 wind company ventures. In January of this year, it has started controlling the hydroelectric plants from Jupiá and Ilha Solteira (both of them located in São Paulo).