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Itaipu joins the UN Free Software Program
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Itaipu Binacional will take part in initiatives of the International Free Software Program developed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The commitment was signed this Thursday, 30th, by Jorge Samek, Itaipu's Brazilian general director, at the official opening ceremony of the 5th Latin American Conference on Free Software – Latinoware 2008, in Foz do Iguaçu.


Taking place at the Itaipu Technological Park until Saturday, the event is bringing together over 3,000 Latin American students, experts and people working in the areas of free software and open source code.


Several authorities attended the opening ceremony. Besides Samek and Carlos Mateo Balmelli, Itaipu's Paraguayan general director, Corinto Meffe, coordinator of the Public Software Program and representative of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management; state legislator Edson da Silva Praczyk, Marcos Vinícios Mazzooni, Serpro president-director; Nizan Pereira, Celepar executive secretary; Daniel Darlen,  Dataprev Information and Communication Technology director; Claudemir Desto, superintendent of Caixa Econômica Federal; and Juan Carlos Sotuyo, superintending director of the Itaipu Technological Park Foundation, were there. 


Incentive – The International Public Software project involves nations from across the world in an effort to support free, open software initiatives and encourage the development of micro and small companies in the area.


To Samek, this initiative is an opportunity of development for the border area and the entire Latin America by means of techological tools. “We want to develop companies via this new technology, foster the education process and the democratic access to information, besides promoting a true revolution in knowledge”, he said.


      Jorge Samek and Marcos Mazoni,        presidente of the Celepar Jorge Samek highlighted the important role played by the Itaipu Technological Park (PTI) in the "freedom of knowledge" process, as he put it, and reminded that Foz do Iguaçu will soon be the seat of Unila (the Federal University of Latin American Integration). “We live in a free world where people have the chance to develop knowledge and have the tools to do so. And free software is the symbol of these new times of integration and social evolution”, he underlined.


Integrated company – At the ceremony, Itaipu Binacional also joined the federal government's project called “4CMBR: Community, Knowledge, Sharing, and Collaboration of Brazilian Cities”, in the field of free software.


“Itaipu Binacional gives an example to other companies by joining these projects and making the social and public commitment to provide technological tools for the development of open information societies”, highlighted Corinto Meffe.


Jorge Samek, Itaipu's Brazilian general director, also signed the protocol for the use of the federal government's open standards by public agencies and companies to exchange documents. 


These standards enable interoperations between several applications and platforms, whether internal or external; they allow their application without any restrictions or royalty payments, and can be implemented by multiple program suppliers on different platforms free of copyright charges.


Until Saturday, the initiative by Itaipu Binacional in collaboration with the Itaipu Technological Park Foundation, the Paraná IT Company – Celepar, and the Brazilian Data Processing Service – Serpro, Latinoware 2008 will feature over 100 lectures, round tables, and workshops on topics connected to information and communication technologies based on free software systems developed in the continent.