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Itaipu has a new board of Paraguayan directors
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The Itaipu Brazilian directors will on Thursday, August 22, hold the first executive meeting with the new Paraguayan directors. The meeting will take place one day after the official appointment of all Paraguayan Board members and ceremony held by the new Paraguayan general director, James Spalding.
The meeting is scheduled for 10 am at Production Building, in the industrial area of the power plant. Moments before, the Brazilian general director, Jorge Samek, will hold an alignment conversation with the Paraguayan general director.
The name of the new Paraguayan general director was confirmed on Friday, August 16, by the president of Paraguay, Horacio Cartes, who took office the day before, August 15. Presidential Decree number 53 with the name of Spalding was published on August 16.
Four days later, on the afternoon of Tuesday, the 20th, the official appointment decree of another three Paraguayan Itaipu board members was published.
Were named Carlos Jorge Paris Ferraro as the new executive managing director, Francisco Pedro Domaniczky Lanik, an Itaipu career employee, as executive director for Coordination; Benigno María López Benitez, executive general counsel, and Miguel Gómez, chief financial officer.
As the current technical director, José María Sánchez Tilleria will be kept in office, there will be no need to fulfill the same formal rite. Therefore only the formal appointment of the new CFO is lacking. Miguel Gómez is the name appointed to the position.
Decree number 57, signed by President Horacio Cartes, came four days after the official appointment of James Spalding as Paraguayan general director. The PGD, who was finance minister and ambassador to Paraguay in the United States, is replacing Franklin Rafael Boccia Romañach.
Spalding’s investiture happened on Tuesday (20) in Asuncion, around noon.  All of them occupy the positions temporarily until the Senate’s review and approval. The confirmation hearing occurs within an average of 60 to 90 days.