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Itaipu has its best november and goes towards the 100 million MWh mark
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The Itaipu plant had its best November and the best eleven months of all time.The accumulated sum reaches 94,296,702 million megawatt-hours.All this energy produced so far would be sufficient to serve Brazil for 2 months and 11 days; the Southeast of Brazil for 4 months and 19 days; the city of Curitiba for 20 years; and Paraguay for 6 years and 8 months.

Last month, Itaipu generated 8,301,442 million MWh, compared to 8,028,719 MWh in 2013, the best November so far.The three best marks of Itaipu were 94,684,781 MWh in 2008; 98,287,128 MWh in 2012; and 98,630,035 in 2013.

Chances increase

With exceptional performance, the odds of surpassing its own world record, exceeding Three Gorges that in 2014 reached 98.8 million, and reaching the unprecedented 100 million MWh, are increasing.


On Thursday, 1st, the plant produced 94,286,702 MWh around 8:30 a.m.The forecast is that until Friday, 2, the hydroelectric will exceed it, one month before closing 2016, thus reaching its third position in the ranking of the best marks.The third place amounted to 94,684,781 MWh in 2008.

At the same time of year in 2015, Itaipu was producing 81,453,030 MWh.The advantage now is 15% more.Compared with the year of the record, 2013, the difference is 4%.

The three best marks of Itaipu:

1st    2013            98,630,035

2nd    2012            98,287,128

3rd    2008            94,684,781