The world's largest generator of renewable clean energy

Itaipu has a historic semester and sets new generation record
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Itaipu Binacional had the better half of its history. The plant produced, from January 1st to midnight of 30th, a total of 51,637,234 MWh, exceeding by 1.5 million MWh the previous record, set in 2012, when the hydroelectric produced 50.1 million MWh in the period. That was the third time that Itaipu crossed the 50 million MWh within six months. This also occurred in 2013, when the plant established a new mark for the year, with 98.6 million MWh.
The 51.6 million produced so far are already higher than the total generated by the ten largest plants of the Paraná Watershed (Itaipu amount) in the past year. This volume of half a year could supply Brazil's consumption for 40 days, Paraguay's consumption for four years and two months or the consumption of the entire state of Rio de Janeiro for over a year.
Only the difference of 1.5 million MWh in surplus that Itaipu produced in the same period of 2012 could supply the entire Paraguay's consumption for 44 days, the city of Curitiba for three months and 20 days and the city of Foz do Iguaçu for two years and seven months.
In addition to the record of the semester, Itaipu had the best June of all times, with a production of 8,574,578 MWh. The previous years were in 2012, with 8,528,000 MWh.
Towards the 100 million MWh
Due to the successive records obtained so far, after 32 years of operation, Itaipu walks towards another milestone, 100 million MWh by the end of 2016, reaffirming the plant's position as the largest producer of clean and renewable energy. In cumulative production, the company has no competitor, being the absolute leader in the world ranking, with a total of 2.364 billion MWh.
To the Brazilian general director, Jorge Samek, this new semester record is quite significant because the company – with 42 years of installation and 32 years of operation –, has fulfilled all prerequisites established in the Treaty of Itaipu. He also attributes the plant's exceptional performance to a set of measures and actions: operational efficiency, technical quality of employees and cooperative work between the electrical systems of Brazil and Paraguay.
"Thanks to all these factors and to this good relationship, we are capable of providing the two countries with clean, renewable energy," said Samek.
According to the executive technical director, Airton Dipp, "this new mark is important for all people in the company and to society in general, because the more Itaipu produces clean, renewable energy, efficiently and sustainably, the lower the dependence on thermal plants, increasing the chances of the Brazilian population to pay less for the electricity they consume."
For the interim superintendent of Operation, Alberto de Araújo Bastos, "this result was only possible due to the work done with dedication, responsibility and in perfect harmony by all employees of Itaipu Binacional, both Brazilians and Paraguayans."
The year of 2016 has been very promising for energy production in Itaipu, with the best January, February, two-month period, trimester, quarter, May, five-month period, June and semester. Numerous daily records of generation were also recorded. The volume produced from the beginning of January to the end of June is 20% higher compared to the same period last year.