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Itaipu has the best monthly production in 28 years of operation
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Itaipu Binacional, which has been breaking successive production records in 2012, celebrates a new mark.  In 28 years of operation, the plant had never produced so much energy in a month as in July this year.

It was the first time that Itaipu surpassed the monthly barrier of 9 million megawatt-hours (MWh). There were 9,108,853 MWh compared to 8,744,406 MWh recorded in August 2008, when the plant reached a monthly record and ended the year with the historic value of 94,684,781 MWh.

The superintendent of Operation, Celso Torino, assigns the record to the increased consumption of electricity in Brazil and Paraguay, coupled with the good plant performance and the interaction of the technical area of Itaipu and other partner companies of the electrical system that is interconnected, and favorable hydrological conditions of the incremental basin.

"These results are only possible thanks to the interaction and competence of staff of the technical area of Itaipu," conclude the superintendent.
Much light

The 9.108.667MWh of July would be sufficient to meet the needs of energy consumption in the State of Paraná, for four months and seven days, the city of São Paulo, for three months and 17 days, the State of São Paulo, for 27 days, the South region, for 1 year and 5 months, the Southeast region for 14 days; Paraguay for 10 months, and Foz do Iguaçu, for 20 years.

In total, the production of the first seven months of 2012 counts 59,214,708 MWh against 55,478,114 MWh in the same period in 2008, i.e., a margin of just about 3.5 million MWh relating to the year of the record.

This total would meet the State of Paraná for two years and three months, the city of São Paulo for two years and one month, the State of Sao Paulo for six months, the South region for 10 months, the Southeast region for 3 months; Paraguay for 5 years and 6 months, and Foz do Iguaçu for 128 years.

Successive records 

Since early 2012, Itaipu has been establishing new marks. The accumulated production in the first semester, which is also a record, reached 50,105,855 MWh exceeding by 4.8% the highest mark achieved in the first half of 2008, 47,816,753 MWh.

Itaipu has 20 generating units.  To adapt to the Brazilian and Paraguayan markets, the power generation adopts two different frequencies: 10 produce 50 Hz to meet Paraguay and another 10 produce 60 Hz to Brazil.

Itaipu has a challenge to in the coming years, a historical production of 100 million MWh.  "Despite the outstanding numbers, we must be cautious.  Obtaining a new world record for energy production has a real chance of happening, however there are still five months to the end of the year", remind the superintendent.   In addition, he emphasizes "It's Important, therefore, we work daily to achieve a significant production permanently and compatible with the plant's capacity.


1966. Signing of the Iguaçu Act and initiation of negotiations between Brazil and Paraguay.
1973. Signing of the Treaty of Itaipu
1974. Establishment of the Itaipu Binacional entity.
1975. Initiation of the construction of the plant
1978.  Opening of the Bypass Channel.
1982. Creation of the reservoir
1984. Start of operation of the first two generating units.
1991. Entry into operation of the 18th generating unit. Inclusion of states and municipalities in the distribution of royalties
2003. Update of the company's mission with the inclusion of environmental responsibility and economic development, tourism and technological development.
2005. Reversal Exchange of Notes, so that the initiatives of Itaipu in the field of social and environmental responsibility were entered as permanent components in the activity of power generation
2007. Start of commercial operation of the last two generating units planned in the design and scope of the installed capacity of 14,000 MW.
2008. World record for power generation: 94,684,781 MWh.