The world's largest generator of renewable clean energy

Itaipu has the best March and quarter in terms of production
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In 2013, Itaipu has had the best March and the best quarter of all time. Last month, the production totaled 8,856,576 megawatts-hour (MWh), against 8,545,907 MWh in 2009, the best March up until then.

The production accrued in the first three months adds up to a total of 24,807,287 MWh, against 24,720,437 MWh in 2012, the year when an absolute generation record was set by the binational company that holds the worldwide mark of being the largest generator of clean, renewable energy.

The surprising volume is owed to three factors: good amount of rainfall in the incremental basin made up by the Ivaí, Piquiri and Tibagi rivers; high demand from the Brazilian and Paraguayan electricity systems, and the plant's good performance.

As a result, Itaipu has been working in an increasingly more efficient manner to make the best possible use of the energy resources available (water) both at the planning phase and as the company carries out our Production and Maintenance plans.

Two weeks ago, the good hydrological conditions in the incremental basin have made sure the reservoir level remains normal. Itaipu is operating at 220.23 meters above sea level.
On Good Friday, March 29, albeit very little, the power plant got to overflow. That happened because consumption dropped and the operating volume was above normal. The plant overflew from 5 am to 3 pm that day, at a daily average of 500 cubic meters of water per second.

Itaipu's good performance in 2013 is cause for celebration. Our production is higher than in 2012 despite one fewer day in the calendar, as last year was a leap one.

Taking the first quarter's numbers into account, it would be easy to forecast that 2013 will be better for Itaipu in terms of output than 2012, reaching 98,400 million MWh generated. Last year, the accumulated production was 98,260 million MWh, the largest in the world.
The production process is not linear, though; it depends on several factors. In 2012, several structuring actions were implemented to optimize production and led to Itaipu's breaking the world record, which was already held by the very binational company. Those measures keep on yielding good results.
According to Celso Torino, superintendent of Itaipu's Operations, the plant's performance remains very good and the binational company's teams and our partners  Ande (a Paraguayan state-run company), Eletrobras, ONS, Furnas and Copel keep on sparing no efforts for “us to a obtain significant, sustainable output once again.”