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Itaipu Executive Board hosts Paraguay Legislators
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Nine Paraguayan congressmen, members of the Special Itaipu Treaty Study, Monitoring and Control Committee, are meeting with the Itaipu executive board in Curitiba.   


The meeting was called to order by Jorge Samek, the Brazilian general director, at about 10:30 am. Besides the Brazilian general director, Margaret Groff, the executive financial officer, and Edésio Passos, administrative director, are also taking part in the event. João Bonifácio Cabral Júnior, legal officer, will be joining them in the afternoon.


The Paraguayan delegation is staffed by four congressmen from the Authentic Radical Liberal Party, three from the Colorado Party, and two from Unacem. The main topic of the meeting scheduled to end late in the afternoon is the matter of the ongoing negotiations between the two countries.


The atmosphere at the meeting is one of open dialogue. All Paraguayan representatives have manifested their conviction that the friendship and collaboration bonds between the two countries will become even closer as a result of the negotiations about Itaipu.


The Brazilian general director reiterated the Lula administration’s commitment to genuine integration that ensures the development of all South American countries. He also highlighted that Brazil holds greater responsibility because it is the largest local economy. In closing, he talked about the common destiny both countries share. "We will always be neighbors and need to live in harmony. Brazil does not wish to grow alone ", he said.