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Itaipu ends march with its best monthly and quarterly production
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Itaipu once again broke its monthly energy production record coming very close to the 10 million megawatt-hour (MWh) hurdle during the month. With 9,879,972 MWh generated, March 2018 was marked by the largest production in a single month in its almost 34 years of hydroelectric operation.
Good hydrological conditions and precise coordination in the hydroelectric planning between Itaipu, the National System Operator (ONS), Ande (Paraguayan state-owned company), Furnas and Copel permitted another achievement: the plant’s best historical quarter with 27,940,584 MWh generated from January to March of this year. The high performance is especially a result of well-established design and construction in addition to its quality operation and maintenance.
The production in March would be enough to meet the energy demands of the state of Paraná for four months or of Brazil for seven days. The quarterly production would be enough to meet consumption in the State of São Paulo for three months.
Executive technical director Mauro Corbellini attributes the two records to the efforts of "valuable teams in the area, who are always committed to doing their best".
Significant Numbers
Itaipu has been accumulating a succession of good numbers recently. Over the last four months, the hydroelectric plant broke its monthly generation record three times: December 2017, with 9,257,670 MWh; January 2018, with 9,532,068 MWh; and now in March 2018, with 9,879,972 MWh.
And in 2018, in addition to the best month and quarter, the plant also had its best January and bimester and a few hourly records. The difference between the first three months of 2018 and 2016, the year of the annual world record (Itaipu itself), is a little over 9% in favor of this year.
According to the Operation Superintendence (OP.DT), the numbers of 2018 are even more significant when it is taken into account that Itaipu has been working on several structuring projects to put into practice the modernization of the generating units. "Continuing at this pace, Itaipu could put 2018 among the top five annual marks in energy production", said Operation Superintendent, Celso Torino.
In the accumulated generation, Itaipu has already produced 2,539,970,825 MWh (2.54 billion MWh).
A few indexes, obtained thanks to the work of the plant’s professionals, help to better understand Itaipu’s high productivity. One of them is the use of water that can go through turbines; in other words, the water actually used for the generation of energy. For the quarter, this index was 97.1%. The availability of generating units, on the other hand, was 97.63%. The forced unavailability index, which measures the time while generating units were not operating in an unplanned manner, was only 0.13%.