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Itaipu closes 2012 with a total of 98,287,128 MWh
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Itaipu Binational ended 2012 with a total production of 98,287,128 megawatt-hours (MWh). The historical generation confirmed the projections in recent days, based on increased demand at the end of December.

The advantage over 2008, so far the best production of the plant in 28 years of operation, is 3.6 million MWh. This difference alone equals the annual generation of a plant the size of Três Irmãos, owned by Companhia Energetica de Sao Paulo (CESP), which annually produces 3.7 million MWh.

The 3.6 million surplus produced in 2012 is also equivalent to 23% of all nuclear energy production in Brazil. Or still: 8.3% of all domestic consumption of electricity in November or 13.7% of consumption in the Southeast and Centerwest regions. The new Itaipu mark was established at the turn of the 31st December to January 1st, 2013 at exactly 1 o’clock in Brasilia and midnight in Paraguay.

Anticipated record

Even before closing the year Itaipu had already beaten its own yearly record. On the afternoon of the 18th, the plant got past the barrier of 94.6 million MWh from 2008.

In the following thirteen days, demand remained higher than expected, unlike previous years when consumption decreased with the vacation in the industries. The residential and commercial consumption helped us reach this high.

In the year

The Itaipu record in 2012 is due to a combination of factors. Among them, an affluence that was fairly distributed throughout the year, despite the drought of the past two months; strong demand in Brazil and Paraguay; and good facilities for generation and transmission.

Added to this is the work coordinated with the National System Operator (ONS), Eletrobras, Ande (Paraguayan state company) and other electric companies of the two countries.

 “The focus is to ensure that Itaipu will continue to be prepared to safely supply the electrical systems of Brazil and Paraguay keeping the good existing partnerships with the industry,” says the Brazilian director-general at Itaipu, Jorge Samek.

He explains that investments in infrastructure by these companies have given reassurance for the production of the Binational to reach the consumer market.


 “The good performance of Itaipu was only possible thanks to the commitment of all employees and the strong cooperation of these companies,” thanks Samek.

The Superintendent of Operations, Celso Torino, reinforces that Itaipu focuses on continuous improvement of the teams preparation and on production management “so we can have safe and effective conditions of having an annual generation that is permanently above 95 million and may reach even to 100 millions of MWh.”


Currently, Itaipu supplies nearly 20% of consumption in Brazil and more than 70% of the electricity consumed by Paraguay, a partner in the plant. With the increased production of over 3.6 million MWh above the previous record from 2008, a mark also obtained by the binational, the Itaipu participation in the consumer market - which had been gradually diminishing, with the entry into operation of other electricity sector enterprises, rose again.

The increased participation of Itaipu in the Brazilian market is explained by two factors: the first by the plant's own production which jumped 6.5% when compared to 2011; and the second is that consumption in Brazil increased 3.3% when compared the previous year.

The latest newsletter of the Energy Research Company estimated a consumption of electricity in Brazil in 2012 of 447.5 million MWh. Based on this data, of the total produced by Itaipu last year (98.29 million MWh), 88.78 million MWh were to supply the Brazilian market, which corresponds exactly to 19.84% of all demand.