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Itaipu broke two more records: best October and ten months production
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Itaipu Binacional has broken two unpublished marks in 2016: the best October of its history and the best sequence of the first ten months. Since January up to the last 31, the hydroelectric plant has produced 85.9 million MWh; in 2013, the same period registered 82.3 million MWh, when the best world development in one year was established, with full production of 98.6 million MWh.
The volume produced in the first ten months is 17% higher when compared to the same period of the last year, with 73.4 million MWh. The record month, October, had produced 8.33 million MWh, leaving behind 8.33 million MWh registered in the same month of 2013, the best until then.
The 85.9 million registered this year would be enough to serve Brazil for two months and five days, the South Brazilian region for one year, Paraguay for six years or São Paulo city for two years and ten months.
The good development of Itaipu during these ten months confirms the excellent year for hydroelectric plant, which expects to accomplish the annual mark of 100 million MWh in 2016 - another unpublished mark during 32 years of hydroelectric plant operation.
During the year, Itaipu has already accomplished the best January, February, two-month period, trimester, May, four-month period, semester, seven-month period, eight-month period, and, now, October and ten-month period.
“The successive records are the consequence of a well-planned job with sustainable actions to meet the energy demand in Brazil and in Paraguay”, explains Itaipu Executive Technical Director, Airton Dipp.
The accumulated production of hydroelectric plant during these 32 years is 2.39 billion MWH. There’re few chances of another hydroelectric plant archives Itaipu mark. This volume could supply the world energy consumption for 40 days.