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Itaipu breaks historic power production record in January
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The Itaipu power plant broke its electricity production record in January. The hydro power plant generated 8,390,965 megawatts-hour (MWh) last month. It was the highest number ever recorded by the binational company in the first month of the year.
Not even in 2008, when Itaipu ended the year boasting the highest historic generation mark, was January so demanding upon the plant. The month’s production that year was 7,993,498 MWh. The January recording the second highest production at Itaipu is the one in 2006, when the power plant generated 8,249,708 MWh.
The record reflects the good phase in the Brazilian economy and the plant’s readiness to meet the demand. Given the Brazilian electricity system’s needs, in January the National System Operator (Operador Nacional do Sistema – ONS), in charge of the industry, which is interconnected) requested higher production from Itaipu. With good operating conditions available, the plant managed to fulfill the request.
Should the good economic phase last and the hydrologic conditions and good equipment performance continue throughout 2011, the plant has great chances of beating its historic record from 2008, when it generated 94,684,781 MWh and set a new world annual production record. The second highest mark was obtained in 2000, when Itaipu generated 93,427,598 MWh.
In 2010, the production reached 85,970,318 megawatts-hour (85.97 million MWh), enough to supply Paraná’s entire consumption for three years and seven months. Or yet, the three southern states for one year and two months. The same volume would also supply Portugal’s electricity demand for twenty months.
The Itaipu power plant is currently the world’s largest hydro power plant in terms of electricity generation. Equipped with 20 generators and 14,000 MW installed power, it provides 16.4% of the electricity used in Brazil and supplies 71.3% of Paraguay’s needs.