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Itaipu is awarded for its performance on energy production
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In the year that Binational Itaipu celebrated its 40th anniversary, the institution was awarded at the world’s most important forum for the dissemination and exchange of research on production systems and processes – the 7th International Conference on Production Research Americas’ 2014 (ICPR), which took place on July 31th and August 1st in Lima, Peru.

The binational received the award for best work in the category “Production systems and management” with the article “Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant: Energy Production with High Performance – World Energy Production Record in 2012 and 2013”.

The conference is organized annually by the International Foundation for Production Research (IFPR), which is based in England, with local organization of Norbert Wiener University. This year, the conference theme was “Toward a sustainable eco-industrialization through applied knowledge”.

The work of Itaipu, which reports the concepts and actions that led the binational to hit the world records in energy production in the last two years (2012 and 2013), was presented on September 1st by engineer Carlos Vergara, manager of Plant and Substations Operations Department (OPU.DT). The supervisor of the Real Time Operation, engineer Paulo Zanelli Júnior, from the Division of Plant and Substations Operations (OPUO.DT), also attended the meeting.

“The presentation was based on the management of maximum performance in the production of energy from Binational Itaipu,” Vergara said. “The main topics covered in the presentation were associated with the critical success factors in the supply chain, which are water, generation, transmission and consumption,” he pointed.

In total, 142 articles from around the world have competed in seven categories – the others were “Operation and performance strategy”; “Supply chain and logistics”; “Quality and reliability engineering”; “Modeling and simulation systems”; “Education and research in production”; “Human and ergonomic factors”.

“It is worth mentioning that this kind of participation in national and international events encourages new professionals to share their positive experiences at work, since it represents an authentic sustainable knowledge management, favoring the society and the evolution of the scientific world,” Vergara added.

Itaipu presentation was attended by researchers from Japan, Germany, UK, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, among other countries. According to Paulo Zanelli, because of being theoretical, but with practical results, the article became a differential in favor of Itaipu.

“Most of the submitted works were academic and therefore very theoretical. But when you turn the numbers on actual data, it shows, in other words, that production of 98.6 million MWh supplies the energy needs of the planet for two days, and it ends up calling the attention of the evaluators,” he commented.

The engineer adds that the result reflects the high level of integration of the teams in the company.” It is not only an award of the Operation Department, or another area, but also of Itaipu. All the ones concerned, in one way or another, contributed to obtain production records and international recognition,” he added.