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Free software drives new Itaipu web portal
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This Tuesday (13th), Itaipu Binacional launches its new web portal, an innovative project in Brazil and Paraguay based on free software technology. The data bank used is PostgreSQL, while the content manager is Drupal, both in the public domain, that is, they can be used for free.


Above all, PostgreSQL and Drupal allow the portal to be updated fast and independently. Data are inserted in real time and the software even enables the creation of new pages and menu alterations.


The new Itaipu website combines the latest developments in virtual communications. The changes involve from the graphic project up to content organization and page reading, which has been made more pleasant through light, illustrated texts.


Designed according to the news portal concept, the company's calling card to the world will be permanently updated. Its home page is dynamic, featuring ad campaigns, videos, audio files, events, and releases produced by the Press Division.


Placed in a privileged location, the website's static content menu is now divided into five channels (Energy, The Environment, Social Responsibility, Tourism, and Technology) that round up the company's fields of operation.


There is information available on the programs developed by Itaipu on the Brazilian and Paraguayan riverbanks. In all, there are over 1,500 internal pages, making up a web portal worthy of the power plant's grandeur.


Each channel offers customized access, services, and visual identity. The tourism environment, for instance, was inspired by travel guides. It shares maps, useful information, and testimonials, allowing visitors to evaluate Itaipu's and the triple border's attractions.


On their turn, the Energy, Social Responsibility, The Environment, and Technology channels provide a column offering related content. This space enables company departments and program and project managers to make files available for download on the web.


Still on the website's home page, a corporate menu lists the environments Our History, Company Profile, Human Resources, Supplier Channel, and Press Room.


Making use of old pictures and videos, the history of the power plant is told according to three points of view: human, diplomatic, and electricity-oriented. Additionally, a specific environment retraces Itaipu's history in the Guarani language. “It is our tribute to the Paraguayan people and to all those who helped build the world's largest hydroelectric power plant in terms of electricity generation”, says Gilmar Piolla, Brazilian superintendent of Social Communications.


The website is designed in the 1024 x 768 pixel screen resolution, a worldwide trend that allows people to see more elements in their work area. The project took nearly one year to be developed.