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Forecast: Itaipu is expected to end 2011 with over 90 million MWh
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Itaipu Binacional is once again expected to surpass the 90 million megawatts-hour (MWh) mark in 2011. With the first six months of the year almost complete, the plant has already reached half of this total – around 45 million MWh, a volume 14% greater than that registered in the same period last year – 36,350,746 MWh.
If this rate is maintained, Itaipu will easily close the year around the 90 million MWh mark. This amount, however, is not greater than the 2008 historic record, when the plant produced 94.6 million MWh, but will be among the best numbers achieved by the binational company. The second best mark was in 2000, when Itaipu generated 93,427,598 MWh.
In 2010, for example, production was 85.97 million MWh. With one detail: Itaipu’s projected firm energy is around 75 million MWh/year. A ceiling figure that was broken in 1995, with the production of 77.2 million MWh.
Following this, Itaipu has always maintained energy generation above this volume. In fact, most years the volume has been much greater. The average generated volume in the last five years has been 91.1 million MWh. An unequaled performance in the global electricity sector.
Even with the expansion of the Brazilian energy complex, with the construction of new hydroelectric power plants and the use of alternative energy sources, Itaipu continues to be vital to Brazil.
With an installed capacity of 14,000 megawatts (MW), in 2010 the plant was responsible for providing 16.4% of the energy consumed in Brazil and 71.3% of Paraguayan consumption.