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Debates promoted by Itaipu at COP 24 demonstrate the sustainability of the binational plant
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The contribution of Itaipu Binacional to the conservation of biodiversity and water resources in the border region between Brazil and Paraguay, as well as the role of hydroelectricity in the generation of clean and renewable energy for the two countries were the focus of two parallel events promoted by the company on Wednesday (5) during the Conference on Climate Change (COP 24) in Katowice, Poland.

"We are truly at a decisive time, when we can make the necessary changes to become a sustainable society. It is increasingly clear that climate action and sustainable development are the two sides of the same coin", said Patricia Spinosa, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, who highlighted the importance of the partnership between Itaipu and Undesa to share good practices in water and energy management, with the objective of advancing the UN Agenda 2030.

Patricia participated in the event "Sustainable Water and Energy Solutions", which was also attended by the Undersecretary General of UNDESA, Liu Zhenmin, Itaipu's financial directors Monica Perez dos Santos (Paraguay) and Mario Antonio Cecato (Brazil) , and the representative of the Ministry of Ecological Transition of Spain, Teresa Solana Méndez de Vigo.

The connection between the maintenance of protected areas around the reservoir and the quantity and quality of water was the theme of the event "Fostering biodiversity and green infrastructure based on ecosystem services for mitigation and adaptation to climate change", with participation of the executive director of LIFE Institute - Brazil, Maria Alice Alexandre, the general director of the Private Institute for Climate Change, Alex Guerra Noriega, the president of the National Forestry Institute of Paraguay, Cristina Goralewski, the manager of the Environmental Protection Department of Itaipu Paraguay, Jimmy Carlos Melgarejo Sosa, and the manager of the Operational Support Division of Itaipu Brasil, Haroldo Virgílio.

According to the participants of the meeting, with more than 100,000 hectares of protected areas around its reservoir, Itaipu proves that a well-preserved ecosystem provides services to the local economy, ensuring conditions for economic growth with social inclusion, according to bioeconomics' concepts.

"Water is the raw material for energy generation at Itaipu and its proper management is essential for the company to maintain itself as a reliable provider of abundant electricity for both the Brazilian and the Paraguayan markets in the long-term. To ensure water security and to prevent negative effects of climate change, we promote, in an equitable way, the generation of energy, the integrated management of water resources, and sustainable development in Brazil and Paraguay, all with the same level of importance and having the goals of Agenda 2030 as our compass". Mario Antonio Cecato, financial director of Itaipu-Brasil.

"Itaipu Binacional contributes with local governments with plans, programs, and projects of environmental and social responsibility for the sustainable use of natural resources. Today we can say that the hydroelectric power plant is an example of how two countries have joined their forces and how a river does not divide but unites them to generate sustainable development, based on social, economic and environmental aspects. By working together and sharing our best practices, we are taking our programs and projects beyond our borders." Monica Perez dos Santos, financial director of Itaipu-Paraguay.