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COP 23 Special Event: “Ecosystem Services: Biodiversity conservation as a climate-smart business practice”
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Date and Time: Sunday, 12 November 2017, 16.45 to 18.15
Location: Bonn Zone COP 23, Room 9
Extreme weather events, tied to climate change, have been increasing in frequency and intensity in parts of the world, adversely affecting communities and infrastructure. As temperatures rise, healthy ecosystems, such as functional, biodiverse forests, may act as a buffer, reducing risk from extreme weather events that are projected to increase even further. It is therefore in the best interest of businesses, especially those located in affected areas, to incorporate sustainable ecosystems and broad partnerships with local stakeholders. 
As an example, the hydroelectric company Itaipu Binacional, has a sustainable ecosystem program that consists of the CIASI (wildlife research center), which spans 100,000 ha of protected and endangered Atlantic Forest, and a biological corridor. This biological corridor is currently being restored with native tree species, connecting eight protected areas on its reservoir. A separate project, co-founded and managed by Itaipu, called “Paraguay Biodiversity”, has worked with over 1200 family farmers and indigenous communities to establish corridors connecting the communities’ protected areas with private and national reserves in Eastern Paraguay. The recently completed project provided multiple positive outcomes including poverty alleviation; afforestation for timber, fuel, mate tea, and fruit; connectivity for biodiversity conservation among the remaining areas of the highly fragmented Atlantic Forest; and mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.  
The special event will present and discuss cases and tools for the continuous improvement of performance in the field of conservation of ecosystem services and its relationship with issues of resilience and adaptation to climate change. The discussion intends to highlight ecosystem services conservation, with an emphasis on biodiversity conservation in the face of climate change. Furthermore, the issue of ensuring ecosystem service conservation, will be linked with new business models and forms of economic organization.
The event has two goals:
1. To raise awareness about the ability of the business community to develop transformational business models based on natural capital. Demonstrate how ecosystems services exemplified by biodiversity conservation can be a win-win for companies with major infrastructure, highlighting the reciprocal relationship when forests, communities and commercial enterprises protect one another under a changing climate. 
2. Discuss the risks of climate change to the economy and to the bottom line of businesses and how natural capital can play a mitigating role against those risks. Uncertainty exists for future precipitation and temperature regimes where water quality and quantity is vital for industry. Highlight how investment in biodiversity conservation can aid companies in mitigating local climate effects and potentially improve resilience of the entire working landscape where it is located as a proactive adaptation measure.
Haroldo de Oliveira Machado Filho, Senior Advisor, United Nations Development Programme, Brazil
Ariel da Silva, Head of Environment, Itaipu Binacional, Brazil
Norman Eduardo Breuer Moreno, Special Advisor, Itaipu Binacional
Cristina Monge, Director of Conversations, Fundación ECODES 
Important Information
Total time of the side event: 90 minutes
Proposed time for each presentation: 10 minutes
Presentations can be submitted in PPT or PDF format
Simultaneous translation available: English – Spanish