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Bronze plaque eternizes 2008 record
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The number 94.684.781 has never been celebrated in such a fashion before. This is the number, in megawatts-hour (MWh), of the world record in Itaipu’s energy production, reached in 2008. And it is this number that will be eternized on a bronze plaque in the entrance hall of the Production Building.   At an event this Friday morning, Brazilian and Paraguayan directors and advisers unveiled the commemorative plaque celebrating Itaipu’s historic record.  


The ceremony included the presence of the Itaipu’s 12 advisers and 12 directors, as well as dozens of employees, filling the Production Building hall.


“We are replacing a plaque that has been here for eight years”, said the Brazilian general director, Jorge Samek, referring to the previous record in 2000. "But everyone knows that this record can be broken again”.  According to Samek, Itaipu’s energy production is aiming for a magical number: 100 million MWh.


The Brazilian general director explained that the 2008 record was only reached thanks to three factors: the growing consumer market, the generous rain in the Paraná watershed and, mainly, the work of Itaipu staff. “Having a plant operating in prime condition is what makes Itaipu the most efficient in the world”, he said.


“If the consumer market of the two countries continues to grow, if Saint Peter collaborates with rain and if we maintain the efficiency of Itaipu’s team, very soon we'll be back here to change this plaque", he concluded.


For the Paraguayan general director, Carlos Mateo Balmelli, the most important part of breaking a record is the benefits that this number brings to the people of the two countries.  He refers to the construction of Itaipu to show what each country hopes for from the hydroelectric plant. “Itaipu is a company that uses past glories to move forward and build a glorious future for the people of Brazil and Paraguay", he said.